BlogEngine.NET 1.5 Ships!

April 13, 2009 at 8:59 PMBen

BlogEngine.NET 1.5 Ships! The next version of BlogEngine.NET has been released and is available for download.  This new version features several new upgrades including support for IIS7, a much newer version of the tinyMce WYSIWYG editor, support for WLW 2009, compiled extension support, and nested comments to name a few.

Arguably even more important for BE.NET users since the last release is the growing number of available themes, widgets and extensions for BlogEngine.  A few noteworthy places to get themes is from this site that has aggregated themes from several locations (live previews available), from another theme aggregator with live previews, or directly from onesoft who has adapted several themes for BE.NET.

The documentation has also been updated and moved with this release.  The new location is now at CodePlex.

If you're already using BE.NET, upgrading should be pretty painless -- especially if you haven't done too many customizations to files outside your theme.  If you're looking to start blogging, BlogEngine.NET is a great blogging platform to go with.  It runs right out of the box, and since it's open source, you can optionally customize any part of it.

BlogEngine.NET 1.5 can be downloaded here.

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