BlogEngine.NET 2.0 RC - Available now!

November 24, 2010 at 12:36 AMBen

On Tuesday, a release candidate for BlogEngine.NET 2.0 was published.  Many nice features were added, with lots of great contributions from the community.  Switching to Mercurial for source code management made it very easy for people to create their own forks and for us to merge their code in.

Here's the official RC announcement that contains some additional details, including a short 5 minute video demo'ing the redesigned control panel.

If you're already using BlogEngine, I think you'll really like the improvements.  These upgrade instructions will come in handy.  If you're not using BlogEngine, what are you waiting for?!  Stop copying your friends, throw away WordPress and get BlogEngine! :)

I expect we will get some good feedback on issues people run into while using the RC.  During my own testing, it's actually working very good even now.  Depending on how well the RC goes, the final RTW version may be out in December.

If you download it and find any issues, the best place to report those are in the Issue Tracker.

Give it a try and have fun with it!

Download BlogEngine.NET 2.0 Release Candidate

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Gr8 work on 2.0 RC. I have been using Blog engine for my client for last 2 yrs. However, one most important thing tht I was waiting to see in 2.0 was multiple blog on single instance. Could'nt find this in RC. Are you guys planning to include it in the 2.0 release version? Or skipping it for this version? Currently I have installed 20 seperate blog instances and is difficult to manage. Please say yes to this Smile

Hi Amit -- unfortunately, multiple blogs in a single BE instance will not be in BE 2.0.  But as it stands now, it is the top priority for the next version.  Hang in there!

Any estimated time? The reason being, I am thinking of skipping 2.0 upgrade for my clients as I will need to again implement the multiblog single db code in 2.0 which will be a pain. I know its too much to ask for, but if u give me a rough estimate... It would be much appreciated Smile

Definitely 2011.  At this point, plans have not been made.  The last few releases are every 6 - 10 months.  It's possible though that the next release could be sooner than that, especially if we just focus on smaller feature sets such as multiple blogs only, for example.

I certainly expected 2011. Anyway, if you can take a call on this one, I sincerely request you to look into this asap. If you can guide me what should be done, I can help you guys on this.

I realy hope they implement the multiple blogs soon. I've been following the features request and it seems people have been asking for this since may 2007 ... that is nearly a 4 year wait.

Please don't misunderstand me I love this project I just feel that a request that seems to be one of the highly requested features have been benched now for way to long.

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